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Thursday 4 April at 6pm, Elevator Bar

Creative Process#2

Are you ready for round 2? You better be! We’ve got some fantastic speakers lined up along with some musical entertainment while we bring out the food and get to chatting.

An evening with

Elliot Jay Stocks

8 Faces, Co-founder Viewport Industries

Elliot Jay Stocks is a designer, illustrator, speaker, and author. His work is regularly featured in books, blogs, and magazines, and his portfolio includes projects for clients such as Virgin, Microsoft, Smashing Magazine and MailChimp. A common face on the speaking circuit, Elliot gives talks at design events across the globe, including An Event Apart, Brooklyn Beta, Future of Web Design, South by Southwest, and Web Directions.

He writes for publications such as .Net, Computer Arts, and Codex: The Journal of Typography, is the author of Sexy Web Design (Sitepoint, 2008), and sits on the judging panels of design competitions, as well as Smashing Magazine’s Experts Panel.

Elliot is the founder of typography magazine 8 Faces co-founder of Viewport Industries. He lives and works in the countryside between Bristol and Bath, England.

Gemma Germains

Business Development at WellMade Studio

Gemma has worked in business development for the creative industries since 2004 (expect for that dreadful year spent in arts marketing).

Gemma’s career highlights include:

  • Having a baby and doing a degree at the exact same time.
  • Cutting a house in half for the Arctic Monkeys.
  • Working to re-brand and re-launch Mercy Design as Well Made Studio at the end of 2012.

Gemma’s career lowlights include:

  • Hiding under a desk from my arts marketing team.
  • Threatening to punch Lulu’s manager in Bangor.
  • Everything I did for The Chippendales in the winter of 2004.

Pete Carr


Pete is a Liverpool based photographer with a real love for his city and his craft. His hard work over the years has led to his passion for photography becoming his full-time job. He’s the in-house photographer for and works for many clients inside the city and out.

Pete’s book Port of Culture captures the beauty of Liverpool through its historic and modern architecture and its people in a new light by using his skill in HDR techniques to create digital masterpieces.

Will Daw

Illustrator, Designer & Joker

Will Daw is mainly an illustrator. He graduated from the graphic arts program at the Liverpool School of Art & Design in 2011. His work combines drawing, printmaking and a hand-crafted aesthetic and reflects his many pop culture obsessions and general determination to act like a stupid teenager for EVER.

He makes hand-printed posters for gigs, film screenings and arts events as well as freelance design, illustrations and making up stupid jokes writing them down showing to people on the internet and in little books.

Freelance clients include VW SeeFilmDifferently and Supersonic Festival and recent personal work includes RASSLEMANIA and LOU BEGA, ORC MASTER.

Uke Hunters

Ukulele Band

The Uke Hunters are pretty special. In a good way. A group of Liverpool’s finest young music students have formed a ukulele orchestra, but you won’t be hearing George Formby’s greatest hits. No sir. Here’s an appropriately lo-fi taster…

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