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Thursday 6 December at 6am, Elevator Bar

Creative Process#1

Creative Liverpool presents CREATIVE PROCESS. An evening for broadening your horizons. We’ve got a lot in store for you: engaging talks from industry experts, a popup shop by Cow&Co, an exhibition by Screenadelica and the icing on the cake — you’ll get a free drink and tapas! What’s not to like?

An evening with

Brendan Dawes


From working in a factory, to co-founding a digital design agency, having cinema redux exhibited in the MoMa and then designing the MoviePeg and Popa this is a man who keeps himself busy! Brendan will be taking us through his creative process.

Jake Smith & Dan Clarke

End of Level Boss, Gamer, Typophile

Jake is the End of Level Boss at JP74, a retro gaming addict and typophile. They’ve recently rebranded and put typography at the heart of their visual language, Jake will be telling the story and dropping some practical advice bombs on you.

Dan Donald

Developer at BBC Sport

Dan is always thinking about what’s ahead for the web and how we’ll be interacting with it. He’ll be telling us about breaking the page and reactive design – a way of thinking about how a design can adapt to suit its environment.

David Lloyd


Having recently won a Blog North Award for the celebrated blog David is the perfect person to talk about the art of journalism in the digital age.

Gary McGarvey


Having worked with a numerous amount of artists, from Bjork to The XX. Gary hones in on creating imagery for the music that inspired and drives him, screen-printing ties everything together, making the whole package more personal and less mass produced.

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