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Sad Pandas

sad panda

I hate bad news. And sad news. But I have some…

Creative Process #3 is postponed until December 5th

We’ve tried our hardest to make an event that you would want to be a part of but this time around we just haven’t done it.

To those of you who did buy tickets, thank you so much for continuing to support us. You will be refunded in full shortly.

To our sponsors and speakers we’re incredibly grateful for your effort and involvement and we hope to work with you in the future.

With that I can only say how sorry myself and Gregg are but we have to face facts, and go back to the drawing board. There are a few reasons we can think of that will make sure to address in future:

  • Timing
    August just isn’t convenient for many people due to kids being off, holidays, students being away etc…
  • No female speakers
    It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying but none of the female speakers we approached could make it in August. It would be wrong of us to ask a female speaker to come along on short notice just to ‘tick a box’ so to speak. We invite all our speakers based on their own merit and we will have a good mix in December
  • Organisation
    Both myself and Gregg had a busy few months after the last Creative Process and we left it too late to get the ball rolling to promote this event

We will be back in December with a bigger and better event that you definitely won’t want to miss! We’ll be aiming to put on a full day event and will be bringing back the speakers and popup shop from this event, plus Denise Wilton from BERG, Ruth Blacksell from Reading University, Glenn Maguire of sparklemedia and more…

Stay tuned!

Thanks, Gregg & Rob


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